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Renovation & Decor

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Welcome to ZH Painting & Decor Pvt Ltd, your premier destination for exquisite painting and decor solutions. With a passion for transforming spaces into personalized works of art, we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional craftsmanship, unparalleled attention to detail, and a commitment to customer satisfaction. Our team of skilled artisans combines creativity and expertise to bring your vision to life. Discover the difference with ZH Painting & Decor Pvt Ltd, where every stroke tells a story.

What We Do

Our Services & Expertise
House Painting Services

Expert house painting services using premium-quality paints and skilled professionals to rejuvenate and enhance your living spaces.

Wallpaper Installation

Professional installation of wallpapers, offering a wide range of designs and textures to elevate your interiors with style and sophistication.

Skimming Services

High-quality skimming solutions for flawless wall finishes, ensuring a smooth and immaculate surface ready for painting or decorating.

Jet Washing

Specialized jet washing services to thoroughly clean and rejuvenate exterior surfaces of buildings, driveways, patios, and other outdoor areas.

Building and House Works

Comprehensive building and house works encompassing renovations, repairs, and enhancements to improve structural integrity and aesthetic appeal.

Property Maintenance

Professional property maintenance services designed to ensure the upkeep and functionality of your property, addressing repairs and necessary upkeep.

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Our staff members are highly trained and skilled in their working domains.


The importance of our customers urges us to provide them with the best services & support.


The Company has been certified through all the legalised procedures.


Our optimal pricing system will change your perception regarding hefty solar processes.


We only use the qualified componentswith no compromise on quality policy.

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The vision and mission of ZH painting & decor is always cherry-picked with free consultations.

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ZH Painting & Decor exceeded my expectations! Their attention to detail and commitment to quality were outstanding. From the initial consultation to the final stroke, they transformed my home into a masterpiece. I highly recommend their services for anyone seeking top-notch painting and decor expertise
James F
"Itaque earum rerum hic tenetur a sapiente delectus, ut aut reiciendis voluptatibus maiores alias consequatur aut perferendis dolor. Similique at tellus magna Adipisci facilisis optio incidunt, corrupti minus nibh sequi convallis magnam neque gravida vel consequatur mi iaculis magnis felis eleifend laboriosam explicabo fuga. Earum fugiat cillum harum!"
Qasim K
ZH Painting & Decor is a reliable and trustworthy choice for anyone looking to spruce up their spaces. Their skimming services were exceptional - they transformed uneven walls into a smooth canvas ready for my preferred paint colors. Their expertise and dedication truly shine through their work. Highly recommended!

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